Furniture Repairs and Restoration

Lately it seems we have been doing a lot of furniture repairs and restorations.  It is great as we get to see unique pieces.

One of the pieces we have restored and refinished was for a friend of ours.  Her Grandma’s house was up for auction and she purchased a Hall Tree.  It is really old and was in pieces.  It was like putting a puzzle together but, it was a really fun puzzle.  When it was finished and had stain back on it giving it new life it was even more beautiful.  We have re-glued, repaired and refinished several chairs, tables, desk.



A customer came to us with a dresser he wanted to throw out but, his wife insisted they keep it as she wanted to use it as a pantry for her canned goods.  We re-glued the sides, made new shelves, replaced a caster and applied polyurethane.  Another beautiful pieces.


Today we repaired a table by tightening the legs with lag bolts and epaired a broken piece of irreplaceable hardware that draws this table closed tightly on this beautiful table.