Furniture Repairs and Restoration

Lately it seems we have been doing a lot of furniture repairs and restorations.  It is great as we get to see unique pieces.

One of the pieces we have restored and refinished was for a friend of ours.  Her Grandma’s house was up for auction and she purchased a Hall Tree.  It is really old and was in pieces.  It was like putting a puzzle together but, it was a really fun puzzle.  When it was finished and had stain back on it giving it new life it was even more beautiful.  We have re-glued, repaired and refinished several chairs, tables, desk.



A customer came to us with a dresser he wanted to throw out but, his wife insisted they keep it as she wanted to use it as a pantry for her canned goods.  We re-glued the sides, made new shelves, replaced a caster and applied polyurethane.  Another beautiful pieces.


Today we repaired a table by tightening the legs with lag bolts and epaired a broken piece of irreplaceable hardware that draws this table closed tightly on this beautiful table.


We have several games in the store, from Chess/Checker Board made from Oak & Western Red Cedar and other various woods, Classic Mancala made from Cherry and other various woods for $40 and Aggravation Board made from Cherry and other various woods for $50 which can be purchased on our Etsy store at halsemacustomcrafts1 or on square that make great gifts.


Chess/Checker Board –


Mancala –


Aggervation –


Vanity Repair & Refinish

In August, we had a vanity come to us to be repaired & refinished.  This was a cute vanity that had had water damage, needed to be re-glued and given a new lease on life.  We stripped it of the old stain & polyurethane, re-glued it,  now it is a beautiful piece for everyone to see and can be passed down from generation to generation!!

Fisher Funeral Chapel & Cremation Services – Lafayette – Refinish Doors

We were asked by Fisher Funeral Chapel & Cremation Service at 914 Columbia St, Lafayette, IN 47901 to remove the paint & refinish their doors that were once natural oak doors.  We stripped the paint, polished the handles, found out that the handles are copper not brass and put helmsman polyurethane on the doors to protect the finish.  When Jonathan Fisher found out the handles were copper, he got copper door kicks to match.  Below are photos of the doors when they came in, during the refinishing and completed.  This was a fun project and the doors look great!!

Here is a little history about the doors from Fisher Funeral Chapel & Cremation Services:

In the 1940’s, our funeral home was owned by two funeral directors who had formed a partnership. We’ve been told that while one of the directors was on vacation, his partner had all of the natural woodwork painted. When the vacationing director returned, he was very upset and the partnership was no more. Follow along as Halsema Custom Crafts helps us restore the blue front doors!


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